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Naneki creates artwork in a unique medium: alcohol ink. She was introduced to the method in a class at the Yuma Center for the Arts seven years ago. As soon as she took the class, she fell in love with the vibrant colors and variety of ways to work with the inks. 


She uses small bottles of commercially available colorful alcohol-based tinctures. Using a particular color or mixing colors, she applies the ink with a brush, sponge or by droplets onto the smooth surface of Yupo paper or canvas. The ink dries quickly so she must work fast. The advantage to this quick-dry process is that she can layer her work in a short amount of time. She loves the fluidity of the medium because there is less control and more of an element of surprise. Blending is easily accomplished by using 91% isopropyl alcohol. Naneki wears thin plastic gloves and works outside because of the alcohol content of the inks. 

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